Every year, it seems like Lexus buys up every available ad space on television to run its holiday spots. You remember these ads, right? They try to get you to buy a car and gift it with a pretty red bow on top. Like this one:

(Courtesy Lexus on YouTube)

While buying a car may not be the best gift to give for many financial reasons, I want to instead focus on one aspect of the commercial that doesn’t get a lot of attention, the gift bow. I always thought it was a rented prop, but did you know you can actually buy the bow outright?

(Courtesy Lexus on YouTube)

I spoke to a representative from King Sized Bows, the company that makes the gift bow from Lexus. They declined to disclose the exact cost of the bow, citing their desire to keep the information secret. But they said it’s in the “hundreds of dollars” and is custom made for Lexus. However, they do offer a substitute bow in the next closest size, a 33” ‘Noble’ bow, for $125.

Bottom line, if you’re gifting an automobile this holiday season, be sure to factor in the cost of the bow to make your gift really pop. We’ll leave the rational financial lesson for another day.

Happy holidays from 2MF.

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