Talk about materialism! With Chelsea Clinton’s $5m wedding in New York ready to light up the streets of Rhinebeck, 2MF thought it would be great to put things into prospective.


Granted, it’s not everyday that you have a $5m wedding. But here’s 3 quick facts on what else $5 million dollars in a day would mean to the Gulf oil spill:

-It cost $33 million a day to clean up the oil spill in the Gulf. $5 million would pay for 218 minutes of that clean-up effort
(Source: The Telegraph)

-$5m would cover the 3,518 claims of losses that BP paid out in the state of Mississippi (i.e. Fishermen, businesses, etc.) due to the effects of the oil spill so far (Source: CNN Money)

-$5m is the minimum daily fine that BP faces each day the oil spill continues (Source: The Daily Green)

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