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Part of my goal with 2 Minute Finance is not only to provide personal finance education, but to also stoke a new passion for consumer advocacy in my friends. It’s easy to complain about what companies or the government are doing to consumers. But it’s not so easy to get involved and to create change.

One area of change that’s sorely needed is in the ride sharing industry. As it stands today, municipalities, ride sharing companies, taxis associations, and the insurance industry are all fighting each other for customers. It’s the ride sharing companies vs. everyone else in an attempt to legalize a new form of transportation using old-style regulations.

While this fight continues to wage on, the losers (and victims) are you and I. On my personal blog, I typed out some thoughts on how to solve this conflict, how to best move forward, and the current state of the fight. I invite you to check it out and give me your thoughts on the situation.

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