Meet the 2MF Duo

Bobby Lee

If the adage: “go the path of least resistance” holds any weight, Bobby is certainly taking it with a grain of salt. Hoping to forge his own niche by merging his interests in media and finance, Bobby hopes to make a splash (feet first, hopefully) into the world with his latest project,

Bobby is a San Francisco native who graduated with a B.S. in Finance (with Honors) and a minor in Media Studies from the University of San Francisco. During his time at USF, he co-founded the university’s student-run televisions station, anchored and produced the student newscast, and was writer/editor for the university’s business publication and writer for the student newspaper. Outside of school, Bobby has previously worked as a business writer for a mid-market newspaper, interned on a investment call-in show for a major-market television station, and worked in the investment and insurance industries. Currently, Bobby is a financial analyst for a major Silicon Valley software company.

An avid country music fan at-heart, Bobby can boast that he’s been seen in Newsweek…on page 41…under a reduced-price magazine subscription order form…in a photo montage with dozens of other people meant to symbolize an anonymous social network. When he’s not looking up the latest Reba McEntire album, Bobby can be seen attempting to be somewhat “athletic” by playing a game of pickup basketball (albeit with lengthy breaks between baskets) or commuting in his car, where he spends at least 20 hours a week on the freeway shuttling between events.

Coreen Salamanca

Some believe that first impressions make or break you, while Coreen thinks the way you present yourself is a reflection of who you are. A city where being ‘different’ is the social norm, San Francisco’s unique essence is why she has fallen in love with this diverse metropolis and chooses to live here, for now anyways.

Coreen is a Bay Area native who graduated with a B.A. in Media Studies and minors in Film and Communications from the University of San Francisco. Since undergrad, she has been active in San Francisco’s media community: from television to opera, to film, to commercial advertising, to online media, she is a trained media-go-getter. Currently Coreen is on board with Bobby co-producing 2 Minute Finance, the Producer’s Assistant of Saltwater, a member of the San Francisco Women’s Film Festival, and the Producer of a 7 Deadly Sins shorts series.

Recently Coreen took the plunge skydiving and took down 5 opponents on her first try at paintballing. This media producer is a kid at heart and spends her time listening to NPR, reading, writing scripts, dancing, singing, hiking, co-hosting networking events, offering fashion advice to friends and customers in the dressing room, and trying to save up for her next travel adventure.

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